art matters festival 2020

Thank you to our volunteers!

Our festival would not be possible without the generous help of all our volunteers

Alaina Perez

Alexandra Gillie-Hardy

Alice Garcia

Amélie Barrette

Anna Can

Ariel Lacombe

Barbara Bertrand

Billie Palmer

Christine Beaudoin

Connie Lynas

Cybele Dumont

Devin Ashley

Emily Blair

Emily Thomassin

Fernanda Rodriguez

Fiona Charbonneau

Fredielly Coriolan-Bastien

Hannah Silver

Huyen Tran (Emma)) Pham

Isabel Gillie-Hardy

Jessica Lelièvre

José Lara Menéndez

Justine vernel

Leighetta Kim

Lilia Isabel Aguirre Lugo


Louise Eyrignioux

Luisa Bassetto

Luna de Salterain Valentone

Maddi Berger

Margaux Philippe

Marguerite Schimann-Derrien

Meghan Harnum

Nadia Smith

Nel Schondorf

Nesreen Galal

Niusha Khayat

Olivia O’Neil

Rebekka Dela Bajan

Renata Critton-Papp

Rosene Villarama

Roxanne Boyle

Sarah Dirks

Sharon Bisset

Silas Howard

Sofia Bitelli

Sophia DePaoli

Steph Manica

Sunny Elsom

Tarifi Razan

Victoria Baghdassarian

Yasmine Montasser

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Our call-out begins each year in January.
If you have any questions about volunteering or the Art Matters festival email

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