art matters festival 2020

Artists Call-out

Art Matters is a platform for exhibiting students’ work and encouraging exchanges between artists. Art Matters brings art out of the studio and into the city. Artists apply to the festival individually or in small groups (5 artists max). Artists can submit up to two applications, only one of which can be accepted into the festival. If you are apply as a solo artist and as part of a group, you will only receive one (1) honorarium. 

Completed artworks can be submitted with supporting documentation. Alternatively, in-progress pieces accompanied by a clear proposal for execution are welcome. Artworks are selected in a juried process by undergraduate Facilitators and Student Associations. Artists receive an honorarium, appear in our catalogue, and are offered documentary photography of their artwork. The festival takes place in March 2020, occupying galleries and spaces across Montreal.

All “art” matters, and the festival encourages the inclusion of traditional and non-traditional visual arts mediums, installation, new media, performance, music, film, dance, literary arts, and so on. 


  • Applicants must be undergraduate students at Concordia University for at least one semester of the 2019-20 year. Part-time students are eligible.
  • Artists must be voting members of Art Matters. In other words, they cannot have opted out of their Art Matters fee-levy.
  • Artists may apply with artworks that include the support of artists who do not attend Concordia. For example, a band or a performance ensemble may participate with members who do not attend the university. However, non-students are not able to be compensated. Art Matters discourages submissions in which the majority of the group’s applicants do not attend Concordia.  

Within your application, please explain the use of non-students if applicable.

Want to learn more about Art Matters or have some questions about the Artist Call-out? Contact us at!

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