Dear Art Matters artists, executives, facilitators, and community,

We want to first say thank you to everyone who has worked tirelessly for this festival and fulfilling its mandate of sharing the work of emerging artists. It has been spectacular to see over the past few weeks and it’s a true gift to witness all of the incredible talent in our student body.

In light of the latest statement from Concordia University Dean of Students Office on March 13th about COVID-19, we are regrettably cancelling all Art Matters events including installs, vernissages, workshops, and parties. As a festival, we work to be as inclusive and conscientious as possible. Through this precautionary measure, we hope to help protect vulnerable members of our community and stand in solidarity with healthcare professionals who may become over extended in the coming weeks. We hope to host an event in April to celebrate the work that’s been produced and will keep you posted.

We will be in contact with artists, facilitators, executives, and the venues directly about how we will proceed with the artwork currently installed. Art Matters would like to note that despite the cancellations, everyone will still be paid for their work and resources. 

We are disappointed and disheartened to share this news but thank you all for the love and spirit you’ve brought to this festival. Please continue to take care of yourselves and each other. 


Alana Devito and Alessandra Tom,

Board of Directors Co-Chairs

For questions or more information please contact


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