art matters festival 2020

become an exhibition facilitator

You can apply as an individual or as a team of maximum three people. If you apply as a team, please note that you will need to share the honorarium. 

To become an Art Matters Facilitator, you will have to fill-out the application form.

This form is expected to take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

If you would like to get ready to apply in advance, here are some of the questions you will find in the application form: 

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself / your team (300 words)
  2. Why would you like to be a Facilitator for the 20th edition of the Art Matters Festival? (300 words)
  3. How and/or what do you think Art Matters could improve for it’s 20th Anniversary and in the future? (300 words)
  4. Please provide a description of the Art Matters event you would like to organize. Include the type of art you would involve and the type of space you would like to use. (300-500 words)
  5. Please tell us about a time when you were in a situation of conflict. Explain how you reacted and how you managed to solve the conflict
  6. Tell us a bit about your background facilitating/organizing artistic events or any other experience pertinent to this position (200 words max.)
  7. The selected applicants will have to write a curatorial statement. Please provide an example of a curatorial statement, written for a real or fictive artistic events (300 words max.)
  8. Art Matters recognizes and welcomes the unique contributions that individuals from marginalized and oppressed communities bring to our organization, and invites these individuals to apply. We encourage applicants to describe the unique contributions they, as individuals with diverse experiences, would bring to Art Matters. (optional, 300 words max.)
  9. Are there any restrictions or concerns you foresee with your involvement in Art Matters 2020 (e.g. accessibility, time constraints…)? (optional, 100 words max.)

Following the reception of all applications, the team of Coordinators, 2 members of the Art Matters Board, a Faculty member from Concordia as well as an outside jury from the Montreal Art Milieu will select around twenty applicants for interviews. 

What we are looking for in a Facilitator: 

  1. Great interpersonal skills;
  2. Ability to adapt and react quickly; 
  3. Open-minded and approachable;
  4. Willingness to work for the Festival as a whole;
  5. Willingness to make the Festival better and more sustainable moving forward;
  6. Great sense of organization;
  7. Overall interest in the arts (music, performance, dance, theatre, new media, visual arts,…);
  8. Willingness to work with different artistic mediums and medias / different artistic spaces;
  9. Great writing skills;
  10. Ability to resolve potential conflicts with respect and tolerance

Candidates/teams called-in for an interview (In-person or Skype) shall meet with the three Coordinators as well as Art Matters’ Board of Directors Co-Chairs.

Following the interviews, 13-15 Facilitators will be hired as part of the 20th Edition of the Art Matters Festival. 

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