art matters


The submission period for artists to apply to Art Matters 2017 begins November 19th, 2016.

Artists apply individually or in groups with 1-2 completed or in-progress artworks to the festival at large, and curators review the applications. The application includes an artist statement, project description, and documentation of the artist's work. All "art", matters, and the festival has seen the inclusion of traditional visual arts media, new media, performance, installation art, and so on. Proposals are considered for two-week exhibitions and one-night events. Artists work closely with festival curators, are provided an honorarium, and are offered photography of their artwork. Art Matters encourages new ideas and new applicants; for this reason, submissions are done anonymously. Artists can apply seperately or simultaneously to Art Matter's opening event in collaboration with Nuit Blanche. The event's themes will be announced in a call-out alongside the general artist call-out. The specificity of the call-out allows artists to apply with additional artwork to Nuit Blanche should they also apply to the festival.

Please contact with any questions regarding the application.


Undergraduate Concordia students who are registered in at least one Fine Arts class are welcomed to apply as curators individually or in pairs from October 10 - November 6, 2016.

Curators review artworks submitted to Art Matters in order to gather and exhibit works relevant to their proposals. They are then responsible for the execution of an art exhibition in collaboration with a Montreal venue, artists, festival coordinators, and technical directors. Proposals include themes of interest, artistic practices of interest, and spatial needs to achieve the curatorial project. Most spaces available are Montreal galleries, though unconventional spaces are possible. Projects are generally two-week exhibitions or one-night events, though other ideas are welcome. Curators develop contacts, are provided an honorarium, are offered photography of their exhibition, and are invited to a curatorial workshop.

Please contact for any questions regarding the application.