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Espace Cercle Carré

It's Not Over Yet

Mar 4, 22h — 1h
Galerie MAI
3680 Rue Jeanne-Mance

Video — Sculpture — Performance

  • Troy Biliski
  • Jack Zeppetelli
  • Émile Foucher
  • Laila Hamouda
  • Timothy Thomasson
  • Maude Lauziere Dumas
  • Lea Schwarz
  • Ryth Kesselring

Curators: Art Matters Board of Directors

Art Matters’ kickoff event, It’s Not Over Yet, is a nighttime showcase of art in collaboration with Nuit Blanche, exploring the themes of ephemerality, dead space, construction, and deterioration. The event will offer an evening of “attractions,” transforming the MAI gallery in the spirit of Expo ‘67. Beginning with the gallery as a “dead” or “empty” space, its construction through works engaging with technology will speak to the development of the many spaces in Montreal built for Expo ‘67. What does it mean for an artwork to be constructed, and, in turn, to be left behind?

Body Works

Vernissage — Mar 9, 19h — 21h
Mar 4 — Mar 18
Gham & Dafe
3425 Ste-Catherine E

Fibres — Installation — Photography

  • Clare Grehan
  • Rayna M Bellwoar
  • Lydia McCourt
  • Thomas Geist
  • Niharika Russell
  • Nathalie Dubois Calero
  • Dina Georgaros
  • Paul Lofeodo

Curator: Alyse Tunnell

Bodies are the filter through which we experience the world, an inescapable reality indelibly shaping our identity. Body Works considers how contemporary artists use pieces of themselves as material, canvas, and inspiration by showcasing art made from or representing their bodies. Using diverse mediums to consider how we relate to our bodies, the exhibition confronts us with uncomfortable aspects of our physical and physiological selves. Each piece subverts the inclination to deny and silence one’s body by using or representing it in an unexpected way. Body Works reveals the body as a point of resistance, idealization, and vulnerability.

Wire Forest

Vernissage — Mar 10, 19h — 22h
Mar 4 — Mar 18
Studio XX
4001 rue Berri #201

Electroacoustics — Sculpture — Video — Performance

  • Jenna Ladd
  • Alejandro A. Barbosa
  • Amanda Lee
  • Antonin Fisette
  • Beatrice Scharf-Pierzchala
  • Dany Floyd
  • Georgios Varoutsos
  • Philip Gagnon
  • Rihab Essayh

Curators: Valerie Bourdon, Diana Lazzaro

From the ruins of our previous civilization, the wire forest rises, gains roots from metal, creatures from light, and hums from buzzing coils. Conquering over old life, it feeds on what is dead and ruined, assimilating it into the living and new. In the breeze of white noise spread by rusted old radios, glints of our previous world resurface, but their data is corrupted beyond repair, leaving wandering mysteries of what once roamed the earth. In this world, technology has replaced the organic; it has become nature in the process of bringing forth the primordial reconstruction of Earth.


Vernissage — Mar 11, 18h — 21h
Mar 6 — Mar 19
Espace Projet
353 rue Villeray

Installation — Sound — Photography — Video

  • Hea Kim
  • Maxime Saint-Jean
  • Marie Ségolène
  • Zoe Baranek
  • Camille Durand Gauthier
  • Danil Ulmashev aka Dany Armaros
  • Aya Avalon, in colloboration with:
  • Ryan Rees
  • Paloma Dawkins
  • Mero Benss

Curator: Xan Shian

Ontology is a collective deconstruction of the universal experience of anxiety. Drawing on works from seven artists across several different mediums, Ontology pushes, pulls, evokes, provokes, soothes, changes and destroys present and temporal concepts of anxiety. Anxiety knows no language, border or social barrier; it is both internal and universal. Ontology posits a sensory experience that engages the viewer on a plane removed from the ideological frameworks of society, and instead empathically appeals to the most innate and relatable of human traits.

Things Repeated

Vernissage — Mar 14, 18h — 23h
Mar 12 — Mar 24
Eastern Bloc
7240 rue Clark

Photography — Video — Sculpture — Drawing

  • Eva Young
  • Matthieu Vanier
  • Evan Smith
  • Bronson Smilie
  • François Sarazin
  • Marie-Pier Favreau-Chalifour
  • Natasha K. Molinari
  • Philippe Tremblay

Curators: Theo Guillemot, Nabil Azab

Things Repeated is a formal and conceptual exploration of repetition. The repetitive nature of the creative process is contemplated through literal manifestations of recurring visual form. By allowing these forms to interact with each other, the effect their repetitious natures have on our perception is brought forth. How does the repetition of the same image, form, or material alter how we originally perceived it? The repeated materials and forms challenge our notion of its original form. The result of these recurrences reinterpret the work and its meaning.

Ce qu'il en reste (A good ending to the exercise)

Vernissage — Mar 14, 18h — 23h
Mar 14 — Mar 24
Eastern Bloc 7
240 rue Clark

Dance — Performance — Installation

  • tala e.
  • Burcu Emeç
  • Amy Campbell
  • Chandler McMurray-Ives
  • Guillaume Loslier-Pinard
  • Aliah Schwartz
  • Santiago Tamayo Soler
  • Jézabel Plamondon
  • Nien Tzu Weng
  • John Shukin

Curator: Roxane Halary

In the domain of ephemeral arts, documentation is necessary in order to allow a work to exist outside of its own time and space. This exhibition explores the tension between performance, real or imaginary, and its documentation. Always incomplete, documentation reinvents past action, bringing its own mode of presentation to the forefront. In some cases, documentation becomes even more important that the action itself. More than just a trace, it exists independently. Scripts, images, sound, installations, reproductions, objects left behind and spaces inhabited, be them tangible or virtual – these archives carry the weight of ephemeral presences. Documentation continues, taking on its own life and telling another story.

Risque D’échec

Vernissage — Mar 15, 19h — 21h
Artists-at-work — Mar 18, 13h — 17h
Mar 7 — Mar 20
Galerie Mainline
3905 boul St-Laurent

Sculpture — Installation — Performance

  • Vicky Moe
  • Ariane Patenaude
  • Epithumia Rose
  • Laïla Mestari
  • Max Hart Barnwell
  • Cedric Laurenty
  • Sound of the Mountain
  • Isabella Leone & Lucy Earle
  • Aliah Schwartz
  • (Interpretation: Guillaume Loslier-Pinard)

Curators: Samuel Normand, Mathilde Rohr

Welcome to an ephemeral, modular space. Risque d’échec underlines the ongoing evolution of the artists’ process, research, and work. By transforming itself in the course a two week exhibition, the space begs the question of an artwork’s completion. The space puts forth a collective experiment, allows mistakes to happen, and encourages risk-taking in public. This playing court asks artists to put their work on the line, no longer in fixed conditions, resulting in a social, improvised project. What is on display here is not just the work nor the artist, rather, it is the artists’ ongoing relationship with their work, and the traces of their communal presence.


Vernissage — Mar 16, 19h — 21h
Mar 9 — Mar 20
Galerie Espace
4844 boul St. Laurent

Painting — Sculpture — Print Media

  • mil
  • Ben Compton
  • Abbie Rappaport
  • Amélie Lapointe-Lavoie
  • Romane Bladou
  • Constantinos Giannousis
  • Hélène Salamanca

Curators: Camille-Zoé Valcourt-Synnott, Louis-Charles Dionne

When we say, “all-inclusive,” our minds go quickly to cheap travels, beaches, open-bars, gift shops, and that strong call from afar: the vast world of eternal sunsets. Of course, TOUT INCLUS alludes to the “exotic kitsch,” but equally evokes the “kitsch attitude” distinctive of our post-industrialist society. While the exotic can easily be problematized in reference to orientalism or cultural tourism, kitsch is far from reduced to a pejorative synonym for bad taste. Rather, kitsch becomes a multilayered concept dissimulated through numerous aspects of popular and consumer culture, and behind every “Hawaiian” pattern.


Finissage — Mar 20, 19h — 21h
Mar 12 — Mar 21
Espace Cercle Carré
36 rue Queen

Video — Print Media — Sculpture

  • Eve Roy
  • Erin Berry
  • Emilie Buysse
  • Ali Hendra & Eva Young
  • Pépite & Josèphe
  • Emilie Usher
  • Stéphanie Pineau
  • Lenny Sharp
  • Maia Céleste Donnelly
  • Julie-Claude Vezeau-Croteau

Curators: Zeke Best Rothfels, Jordan Beaulieu

Islands are isolated and intimate. They may be traps or escapes. They are bound with rituals of travel - with boats, bridges. They are destinations (one rarely detours through an island). They are resistant to change yet constantly changing (some shrink each year as they are swallowed by the sea). Montreal is an inland island, an island in disguise. This exhibition explores the idea of islands as physical and metaphorical spaces, examining experiences of isolation and intimacy, travel and transformation, and connection and detachment through artistic meditation.


Finissage — Mar 21, 18h — 21h
Discussion — Mar 13, 17h
Mar 13 — Mar 24
VAV Gallery
1395 René Lévesque W.

Painting — Sculpture — Photography — Performance

  • tala e.
  • Florence Yee
  • Siran Tao
  • Milla Thyme
  • Alejandra Zamudio
  • Andrés I. Estrada
  • Saba Heravi
  • Ray Tonatiuh Vilchis
  • Ahmad Salaj

Curator: Soukayna

UNTITLED is an exhibition dedicated to featuring artists of colour, in which artists explore the significance of their own identity. The exhibition involves artists who engage not only with their own doubts, but also with the weight of their ancestors’ questions and stories. UNTITLED is a place where discussion is part of the show; it engages the viewer to question their position in a society where opportunities are not equally shared, and where representation is a sign of privilege. People of colour are asked every day about their background, political opinions, thoughts and how to help make the world a more inclusive place. UNTITLED is a space where artists answer those questions. What we ask for in return— is for you to listen.


Finissage — Mar 23, 19h — 21h
Mar 14 — Mar 25
372 rue Sainte-Catherine O #444

  • Tina Lam
  • Cindy Hill
  • Mel Arsenault
  • Nakita McInnis
  • Belote
  • Chris Dake-Outhet
  • Emma Francis Wallace
  • Gabrielle Verrette Paquette
  • Text by: Terrance Richard

Curators: Edwin Isford with RANDOM.ORG

  What are our motives behind sharing space?
        do they include personal gain?

-To withhold documentation until after the exhibition ends; does this incentivize being there in person? (perhaps to a degree) but at what cost? To reinforce a hierarchy of viewing? If accessibility is a concern, — and it should be and is — should we even take that risk?

We want you to see this space how you choose to. These artists have done amazing work to make these white walls their own. They’re here to be shared;
with you.

The View From Here:

Sex, Sexuality and Identity as Experienced by Women and Queer Artists

Mar 27, 18h — 22h (this event is sober)
Espace Cercle Carré
36 rue Queen

Performance — Sexuality — Body Empowerment

  • Lucie Swan
  • Florence Yee
  • Gabriel Dorais
  • Sarah Da Silva Marques
  • Santiago Tamayo Soler
  • Holly Timpener
  • Amanda Manson
  • Miles Petrella

Curator: Jay Bossé

Sexuality, whether present, absent or as identity is part of our everyday. What is the role of identity in our sexuality? How do we navigate self in sex? How do we navigate sex as ourselves? This exhibition brings together queer and women artists who explore identity, body empowerment, and play within sexuality. The theme of sexuality, however, is more open than that of who we take to bed. When discussing sexuality, sex, and sensuality, we must include discussions of the body and lived experience, especially from those of marginalized communities. As humans we all navigate life differently; sexuality is no different. This exhibition hopes to walk the line between sexy and sensual, as well as political and informative.