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Masheyla Anderson-- Outreach Coordinator / Coordonnatrice des communications et relations externes
Alicia Turgeon -- Exhibitions Coordinator / Coordonnatrice des expositions
Alisa Haugen-Strand -- Administrative Coordinator / Coordonnatrice administrative
Tricia Middleton -- Student Relations Coordinator/ Coordonnatrice des relations étudiantes
Gabor Bata -- Graphic Designer / Designer graphique
Matthew Halpenny -- Web Programmer / Programmateur web
Andira Hernandez - Resource Designer / Designer de ressources

Van Le -- Technical Director / Directeur technique
Alexis Gagnon -- Technician/Technicien
Daniel Cortes -- Technician/Technicien
Alice Zerini-Reste -- Technician/Technicien
Jay Hubbard -- Technician/Technicien
Frédérique Thibault -- Technician/Technicien

Heather B Reid -- Copy Editor English / Réviseur en anglais
Marie Lemieux -- Copy Editor French / Réviseuse en français
Julie Leblanc -- Translator / Traductrice
Kit Mergaert -- Photographer / Photographe
Arianna Randjbar -- Videographer / Vidéaste
Lily Minkova -- Volunteer Coordinator / Coordonnatrice des bénévole

BOARD OF DIRECTORS // Conseil d'administration

Eva Valentine -- BoD Chair/ Présidente du conseil d'administration
Oceana Van Hagen
Frank Evans
Hannah Ferguson
Sloane Sherman
Alfred Muszynski
Jane Kasowicz
William Brewer
Justine Valois
Renata Critton-Papp
Katherine Parthimos


Alfred Muszynski
William Brewer
Sophie Le-Phat Ho
Ortie Brûlet
Milly-Alexandra Dery
Fanny Latreille




Vernissage: September 6 Septembre


ORGANIZED BY / ORGANISATEURS: Art Matters, VAV Gallery, N10.AS Radio


Application workshop/ Atelier de préparation à la candidature

November 1 / 1 Novembre


Jessica Auer

Exploring The Intuitive Creative Process / Explorer le processus de création intuitive

March 6 Mars


Jacqueline Van De Geer

ORGANIZED BY / ORGANISATEURS: Art Matters, Art Souterrain

HYPERREAL Black History Month Event Series

November/Novembre 2018


BiG SiSSY, Cinema Politica, SistersinMotion


Would You Bury Me

Vernissage: March 2 Mars

Curator: Megan K. Quigley

Artists/ Artistes

Camille Mougenot & Jessica Sofia Lopez Garcia / Dyptique
Guillaume Saur / Collective Blue
Nick Cabelli/ Le jardin des dangers
Christopher Johnstone / HTABBAS
Jenna Ladd & Sadie Mallon / Inlined Strays
Flora Fauna / Kut time: ritual within the shrine
Xan Shian / The Wave Breaking Was a White Horse
Xavier Bélanger-Dorval / What we do is secret

What happens when the demand is declined? What are methods of concealing, withholding, or renegotiating? What does a methodology of sovereignty look like? Convened under the theme of refusal, this project undertakes various vernaculars to jointly participate in an ongoing exercise of declination. To decline conditions, institutions, and infringements, and instead to invite and imagine autonomous futures. To consider gestures, moments, histories, and projects of “no.”

No to being stilled
No as vibration
No as satire
No as dance floors
No as conspiracy
No as fluorescent
No as karaoke
No as conviction
No as happened
No as happening

The Suffocating, Impractical Desire to Name

Loyola Chapel - Atelier Magazine Radiophonique en art actuel
Vernissage: March 15 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Emily Sirota

Artists/ Artistes

Nick Cabelli
Phoebe Fregoli and Vanille Salé.e
Maggy Hamel-Metsos & Julien Racine
Al Hawks and Ky KC
Jennifer Lee
Kaelan Ryan
Rouzbeh Shadpey
Joel Young
Judith Zaoui

How do we express the not-quite-speakable?

How do we resist the temptation to perform a false coherence?

In the book Magenta Soul Whip, poet Lisa Robertson describes the frustration of trying and failing to explain oneself in words: “I want to tell about it, but not necessarily in language.” Borrowing its title from writer Nathalie Stephens, this exhibition demonstrates the ways text can serve both to convey meaning and to trouble it - the way that a narrative can try to “tell about it”’ and find itself repeatedly foiled in the attempt. These works examine how visual and affective life can enliven language, make it weird, scramble it into poetry. The artists invite us to better attune to that simmering discontent that precedes and accompanies the work of translating new thought into language. Ultimately, they challenge us to consider the ways we might encounter our lives when they exceed the forms we can explain to others or even ourselves.

Sous nos souffles // Vulnerability lingers

Vernissage: March 13 mars

Curator / Commissaire: Tina Lê and Éloïse Joubert

Artists/ Artistes

Leah Watts
Julia-Autumn Savoy
Sadie Mallon
Joshua Jensen
Camille Charbonneau
Maggy Hamel-Metsos
Sarah Ballentine

The body is the site of encounters and relationships, of oppression and intimacy. Touch, then, is a tool - a means to bridge or accentuate the distance in one’s relationship with oneself, with another, or with one’s environment. The charge of a touch can be felt long after contact is established: its vestiges cut through spatiotemporality and haunt us in its absence. Touch is soft, tender, violent, cold - it is the foundation of interactions and of coexistences. sous nos souffles//vulnerability lingers dissects touch as an all-pervading form of communication with its implications that go beyond the physical.


Espace Pop
Vernissage: March 8 mars

Curator / Commissaire: Chloё P. F. Lalonde

Artists/ Artistes

Yannick Victor
Lindsey Lagemaat
Laura Douglas
Laura Simard-Lemaire
Rachelle Marcoux
Rachelle A. Fleury
Annik St-Arnaud
Meredith Parent-Delgadillo
Dominic Chalifour

porpos creates a space in the art world for craft, for art that has a purpose, for arte-utile. It comments on the notion of art for art’s sake, aspiring to assemble many maker disciplines together. These works transcend the museum space and invite viewers to become more than viewers - these works invite viewers to become participants, makers of their own. Challenging both artists and participants to think about the way we experience and embody art. These works ask what is lost in the creation process, and suggest ways to save these losses from landfills. porpos questions utility, usefulness and uselessness in art through multisensory work tied to the land it was created on.

Digital Dreams / I’ll dream about this someday

Theatre Rialto
March 8 mars

Curator / Commissaire: Félixe Bouvry

Artists/ Artistes

Tara Knuutila
Le Massi
Marissa Sean Cruz / S0-F1 et Guyot
Ali Egseem
Alex Apostolidis
Joé Côté-Rancourt - @fou_hasard

The digital era modifies the ways we absorb visual information, and therefore how we save them. Digital Dreams / I’ll dream about this someday takes a look at new ways to materialize experiences into digital imagery, which is as relevant for the artist’s experience as for the viewer’s.

The memory of an art piece sometimes becomes even more important than the physical work. How does the artwork survive the degradation of the human memory? How is it transformed by our own false recollections?


Nomad Nation
Vernissage: March 7 mars

Curator / Commissaire: Serena Desaulniers

Artists/ Artistes

Ryth Kesselring
Charlotte Dora Rollert
Teodora Stefan
Alisha Billias
Charline Lemieux
Sasha Pozzolo
Rachelle Marcoux

Proteus /
Jeremy Michael Segal (Creative Director)
Michel Didier (Technical Lead)
Roxanne Sirois (Art Director)
Joseph Browne (Sound Designer)

Our bodies mediate the ways that we interact with and experience the world, allowing us to explore three-dimensional spaces through the two-dimensional surface of our skin. Interface celebrates this tactile epistemology through an artistic exploration of haptic practices and gestures. Drawing from the Jacquard loom’s advent of software development, this exhibition highlights the historical convergence of fibre arts and digital intermedia works through the viewer’s bodily interaction with the selected artworks, enlivening them through their corporeal presence.

In Search of Delicious

Studio XX
Vernissage: March 21 mars

Curators / Commissaires:Petra Höller

Artists/ Artistes

Adia Parris
Alejandra Zamudio Diaz
Clare Grehan
Erica Hart
Lil Hel
Sasha Pozzolo
S. Patterson

In Search of Delicious proposes an expansion of the notion of deliciousness to encompass not only the root of the word, “that which brings delight,” but also ideas of pleasure, satisfaction, well-being and care. The artworks presented in this exhibition demonstrate a variety of interpretations on this concept that ranges from the personal to the community, insinuating that “delicious” is not something to be taken as frivolous or merely indulgent, but rather as something that is necessary, that affirms us and gives our lives value.

Sites of Embodied Silence

VAV Gallery
Vernissage: March 14 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Joyce Joumaa

Artists/ Artistes

Berirouche Feddal
Dougy Herard
Carlo Polidoro Lopez
Saba Heravi
Petros Psillos
Xan Shian
Elfur Hildisif Hermannsdottir
Amanda de Angelis
Xdzunúm Danae Trejo / Eva Lev Myers
Jezabel Plamondon / Merlin Heintzman

How can we imagine Silence and its various forms of embodiment? Can Silence be considered as a Political statement? Sites of Embodied Silence is an attempt to look at Silence as a response to contemporary Political and Social issues. In the age of Political Correctness, Silence has become one of the most mainstream reactions, something which raises questions on the recontextualization of concepts and acts of Resistance.

“Look What You Made Me Do”

Espace 8
March 20 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Louise Campion, Nina Molto

Artists/ Artistes

Jane Reväe McWhirter
Summer Emerald
Ali Egseem
Le Massi
Maude Lantier
Kelly Rendek
Jézabel Plamondon

Drowning in a contemporary society governed by screens and virtual data, recent generations have learned to navigate through reality by relating to a constant dialogue between visual and text. Especially in “Meme” culture, this method of creation has become a significant instrument of expression for internet users, and thus has influenced young students in their artistic education. The interdependency between words and visuals in such a process is irrevocable: the work loses its meaning if one of the two elements goes missing.

This exhibition explores the relationship between poetry and its visual context, and focuses on the idea of alienation in our current ecosystem. As our capitalistic Western ways of life leave a lot of us feeling isolated and stranded, “Look what you made me do” sparks a conversation on mental health, patriarchal conventions, imaginary borders and excessive behaviours.


March 22 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Olivia Deresti-Robinson

Artists/ Artistes

Maude Lauzière Dumas
Anissa Boukili El Hassani
Tedmond Edmond Desmarais
Nora de Mariaffi
Jay Krakower
Olivia McFarlane
Sadie Mallon

Women and marginalized people have been experiencing oppression for centuries. Yet in our contemporary society, we often turn a blind eye to these still existing issues, thinking of them as problems of the past.

Women’s bodies are exploited and distorted in the media, enforcing heterosexism and unattainable beauty standards. Strong, powerful women are often demonized. More and more people are coming forward as victims of sexual violence, yet those responsible are easily excused.

Through the exploration of gender, the bizarre, and feelings of unease, MALAISE forces viewers to confront these injustices, provoking thought and discussion around the many forces of oppression women and marginalized people face in our society.

Closing Party

Bar Le Ritz PDB
April 18 avril

WITH / AVEC: DJ Dan Cubby, Vice Versa Queerlesque, DJ MAGELLANIC, Alberto Rodelo Franco