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Diana Tapia -- Outreach Coordinator / Coordonnatrice des communications et relations externes
Mattia Zylak -- Exhibitions Coordinator / Coordonnatrice des expositions
Jordan Beaulieu -- Administrative and Financial Coordinator / Coordonnatrice administrative

Lucas LaRochelle -- Graphic Designer / Designer graphique
Jade Morgan -- Web Programmer / Programmateur web

Tricia Middleton -- Student Relations Coordinator / Coordonnatrice des relations étudiantes
Émile Foucher -- Technical Director / Directeur technique
Alexis Gagnon -- Technical Director / Directeur technique
Matthew Halpenny -- Technical Director / Directeur technique
Jay Hubbard -- Technical Director / Directrice technique
Ben Holser -- Copy Editor English / Réviseur en anglais
Manon Paquet -- Copy Editor French / Réviseuse en français
Stéfanie Belleu -- Translator / Traductrice
Lily Rickard -- Videographer / Vidéaste
Raphaël Sandler -- Photographer / PhotographeLaurence
Sana Ashraf -- Volunteer Coordinator / Coordonnatrice des bénévoles

BOARD OF DIRECTORS // Conseil d'administration

Clara Micheau -- BoD Chair / Présidente du conseil d'administration
Autumn Cadorette
Stefanie Smylie
William Brewer
Elijah Otwey
Masheyla Anderson
Charlotte Beland
Laura MacNeil
Siarra Burke-Smith


Rebecca Duclos
Jessica Lopez Garcia
Orélie Brulet
Autumn Cadorette
Elijah Otwey




Vernissage: Sep 14
Exhibition/Exposition: Sep 11–Sep 15



Paule Gilbert
Sabrina Maisonneuve
Lucas LaRochelle
Hea Kim
Ayse Gauthier
Mel Arsenault
Ben Compton


Cybersecurity & Geek Girls

Mar 13/ 13 mars

Panelists / Panélistes:

Gina Hara

ORGANIZED BY / ORGANISATEURS: Art Souterrain, Art Matters Festival

C E L L S : a community conversation on uplifting the creative process / C E L L S : une conversation communautaire sur la valorisation du processus créatif

Thursday February 8 / Jeudi 3 fevrier


Alisha Mascarenhas
Jordan Brown


Keesha Chung
Nènè Myriam Konaté

ORGANIZED BY / ORGANISATEURS: CC: MTL, Temps Libre Coop, Art Matters Festival

Can You Keep a Secret? Consent in Artist-Curator Relationships / Pouvez-vous garder un secret? À propos du consentement dans les relations artistes-commissaires

February 1st / 1er février


Aleesa Cohene
Matthew Hyland


Tricia Middleton

ORGANIZED BY / ORGANISATEURS: FASA, Office of the Dean- Faculty of Fine Arts, Art Matters Festival


Application workshop/ Atelier de préparation à la candidature

October 19th / 19 octobre

Jessica Auer


Vernissage: March 3 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Diane (Hau Yu) Wong, Kimberly Glassman, Hannah Simone Braithwaite

Artists/ Artistes

Joffré Roy-Beauegard
Sarah Da Silva Marques
Diana Lazzaro (Gar)
Matthew Halpenny
Gabrielle Marin
Timothy Thomasson & Owen Coolidge

By drawing from neuroscience, biology, and computation science, seven artists translate a series of divergent fields into visual form, thereby actively opening a dialogue between the artist and the viewer. (Dis)CONNECT, a Nuit Blanche (re)MIX exhibition, features the works of interdisciplinary-based artists who aim to bridge the divide between contemporary art and the public. Though seemingly antithetical in their relationship, the artists use science and technology in their respective mediums to come together in pursuit of creating and strengthening connections with the public. By giving ephemeral experience material form, information is re-imagined, re-interpreted, and re-envisioned through the artistic lens, creating an interactive space for creativity and dialogue.


VAV Gallery
Vernissage: March 7 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Alexia McKindsey, Jose Guillermo Garcia Sierra

Artists/ Artistes

Guillaume Saur
Carlo Polidoro Lopez
Mel Arsenault
Laurence Thériault-Lainé
Maggy Hamel-Metsos
Laura Simard-Lemaire
Claude Labrèche-Lemay

The relationship between the artist and their work is directly guided by and linked with the passage of time. It is impossible to set an exact point where a tangible material becomes art. This process of transformation occurs on an individual basis unique to the artist; a performance guiding a material object into something of its own that is then characterized as art. The beginning and end of the piece are events that will forever remain in flux: an ambiguous timeline.

Tender Teeth

Mainline Gallery
Vernissage: March 8 mars

Curator / Commissaire: Catherine McRae Finnegan

Artists/ Artistes

Chris Shimek Emilie Usher
Florence Yee
Hea Kim
Laura Douglas
Lucia Vergel
Nix Burox

“Tense and tenuous grow from the same root

as does tender in its several guises:

the sour grass flower; the yellow moth.”

And - Rae Armantrout

Softness is often found in organic materials: fibres, furs, foliage and flesh. It is malleable and adaptable, offering comfort and warmth. Softness is sensitive rather than probing—it is inclined to respond to external forces. Soft work is often handmade; it can be sentimental and fight feelings of alienation. Yet, in its delicate nature, it is prone to degrade. Tender Teeth draws together artwork that expands on notions of softness; qualities of the quaint, decorative and whimsical meet those of the decaying, threatening and excessive. The artists in this show explore the ambivalence of softness, or the many feelings that arise when caring for oneself, one’s communities and our surrounding environment.


Mile-End Gallery
Vernissage: March 9 mars

Curator / Commissaire: Maia Céleste Donnelly

Artists/ Artistes

Eve Roy
Andrea Cormier
Le Lin
Alex Apostolidis
Tanita Rose Sawchuk
Guillaume Bégin
Marie Cordey

From the twentieth century onward, the book as an art form has carved a place of its own. Not an art book (collected reproductions of artworks) nor a book on art (critical writings on the subject), artist books are artworks in themselves. However, it is a disservice to artist books to think of them solely in the traditional codex form. Emerging along with and due to conceptual art, the artist book sits boldly at the juncture of art, documentation, and literature; they are singular objects in materiality and in conception. bookworks surveys the current climate of the artist book in the Concordia arts community, brought together by the qualities and attributes of books, rather than by the subject they address. These works carry their meaning through aspects that drift away from customary methods, requiring a different kind of reading, and exemplify the fraught history of defining what makes a book.

Myth Dealing

March 9 mars

Curator / Commissaire: Maggie Mills

Artists/ Artistes

Elizabeth Eugène
Zeke Best Rothfels
Saba Heravi
Chris Shimek -
Laura Theresa MacNeil
Florence Yee
Claudia Persechino

Craft carries with it considerations of time, (feminized) labour and aesthetic hierarchies, but it has also long been associated with mythology and storytelling. Narratives, whether true or false, are constructed painstakingly; works in craft media connote similar ideas of carefulness and repetition. Like craft, myths have to be repeated in order to stick. Ideas of truth sharing and teaching are a familiar function of stories and myths. The construction of personal myths has the power to connect, subvert or reinvent broader, persisting narratives in productive and destabilizing ways. In this exhibition, works in diverse media approach notions of craft and narration—branching off of enduring myths and generating new ones.

It's all i have to bring today

Studio XX
Vernissage: March 15 mars

Curator / Commissaire: Alisa Haugen-Strand

Artists/ Artistes

Audrey Bilodeau Fontaine
Alyse Tunnell
Carmen Fox
Danielle Beaudet
the Contractor
Meredith Parent-Delgadillo
Sophie Wonfor

Borrowing its title from the elusive Emily Dickinson, this exhibition brings together the diverse work of seven artists. Like her poetry, these works evolve as investigations of self, other and what lies between, exploring issues of isolation, struggle and emotionality. it’s all i have to bring today references an acceptance of weariness and need for self-preservation, challenging notions of contemporary productivity. From varying lived experiences, these artists come together in their search for comfort in discomfort, fullness in absence, strength in vulnerability. Thus, through the manipulation of the material world, they mediate new borders, creating space for stories which are less visible, or those which are simply more quiet in nature.

Out of Balance

Galerie Espace
Vernissage: March 16 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Alexey Lazarev, Manuel Poitras

Artists/ Artistes

Julia Woldmo
Diana Lazzaro
Colas Eko
Laura Hirsh, Ruth Johnstone and Van Le
Maude Lauzière Dumas
Chloé St Arnaud
Joffré Roy-Beauregard
Elisabeth Perrault
N. M. Ryan
Julie-Claude Vezeau-Croteau

Being out of balance is to enter a state that has both generative and destructive potential. It is a potent state that ignites the imagination, but also one that is filled with fear, uncertainty and risk of failure. It forms a liminal space that, in the best case scenario, showcases human creativity and capacity to adapt and, in the worst case scenario, demonstrates our inability to deal with change. This duality of the state of imbalance creates a stereo image that can serve as a tool to better understand the complexity of the world we live in. Featuring a variety of media within an immersive space, Out of Balance brings together works of art that deal with themes such as growth and decay, ecosystemic balance and imbalances, consonance and dissonance, art and craft-making, modernity, technology, nationhood and identity, censorship, agency and freedom, consumerism and beauty, and urban chaos.

The Art of Sinking

Vernissage: March 21 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Hannah Silver & Alexa Hawksworth

Artists/ Artistes

Roxa Hy
Kyla Kaplan-Chinard and Matisse ApSimon
Ben Compton
Nickle Peace-Williams
Roxanne Thibeault
Eva Young

The Art of Sinking is the art of the anti-climax. In this absurd world we live in, how do we attempt to navigate it when searching for answers only poses more questions? How do we come to terms with these unintentional failures and misfortunes? Do we make light of it? Do we look at it as progress, laugh at it, and ultimately turn the unintentional into intentional? Inspired by bathos, this exhibition explores the purpose of comedy in art, the subversion of its conventions, and the exaggeration or understatement of them.

Art Crush in Time

March 22 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Avery Zhao-Djokic, Marie Lemieux

Artists/ Artistes

liliesOfTheVallée (Emmanuelle Forgues and Sam Bourgault)
Jenna Ladd
Owen Coolidge
Erin Berry
Maude Lauziere Dumas
Paule Gilbert
Tina Lam

How can visual art practices record and conserve the movement of the human body in space? Featuring the work of seven artists, Art Crush in Time focuses on the performative nature of mark-making. Through the exploration of a variety of notational systems in painting, sculpture and performance, the exhibition informs a corporeal understanding of human movement in places. The pieces selected reveal an emotional analysis of the dialogue between the body and the spatial constructions around it. By offering an intimate experience to the viewer, some artworks also visualize how built environments contain and direct behaviour in public, social spaces. The gallery is thus presented as a liminal place seeking a balance between individual constructivism, mark-making as a recording device, and the shared space.


Espace Projet
March 23 mars

Curators / Commissaires: Jamie Potvin, Chris Mendoza

Artists/ Artistes

Nick Cabelli
liliesOfTheVallée (Emma Forgues and Sam Bourgault)
Twothenone Collective (Magali Casaubon and Solana Del Bel Belluz)
Phil Mercier
Rayna Montague
Nathan Leblanc-Limoges
Alejandra Zamudio

We can learn from and through art. Often this takes place through educational programming which uses artworks as a platform for pedagogical activities. However, in doing so, art practices are differentiated from pedagogy, doing a disservice to the dynamic relationship which exists between the work, artist, curator and art-viewer/participant. This exhibition presents a host of works which emphasize acts of “learning” and pedagogical moments in artmaking itself, be they through creative research, experiences translated through media or through affective encounters. By bringing together artists, audiences and curators through various workshops, the exhibition aims to focus and facilitate moments of dialogue, narrowing the presumed gap between learner and maker of knowledge.

Closing Party

La Sala Rossa
April 6 avril

With // Avec: Katy Freeway, Tshizimba VS The World, DJ Janette King