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VIVIEN LEUNG -- Outreach Coordinator / Contact communautaire
ZOE KOKE -- Exhibitions Coordinator / Coordonnateur d'exposition
CARO LOUTFI -- Special Events Coordinator / Coordonnateur d'évéments spéciaux
PATRYK STASIECZEK -- Visual Coordinator / Coordonnateur visuel


ALYX PHIZICKY -- Media Relations Assistant / Assistant à les relations média
ADRIEN FILLION, DREW BARNET -- Technical Support / Support technique
ZACHARY KAIN -- Web Development / Site web
EVAN STANFIELD -- Intern Coordinator / Coordonnateur interne
GINGA TAKASHIMA -- Event Photographer / Photographe d'évéments
DANIEL PATERSON -- Portrait Photographer / Photographe portraitiste
GUSTAVE LEBER -- Translation / Traduction




L'École des beaux-arts de Montréal
Sept. 21 - 25 2011

Curators / Commissaires: Patryk Stasieczek & Caro Loutfi

Art Matters was asked to set the stage for The Pop Montreal Symposium, five days of open conversation with artists and industry, panels, listening sessions and keynote presentations. The result was an installation behind the symposium space that would serve to anchor the talks being had. The design featured mylar panels, a grid system of pyramids that played on perspective and perception, and a moiré pattern theme, in keeping with the 2012 Art Matters visual theme. The event served to consolidate the festival's bonds with other notable artistic organizations in the city.

Soirée d'info / Info Party

La Sala Rossa
Oct. 10 2011

Mozart's Sister
The Breezes
Gold Zebra

At Art Matters' annual Info Party, we introduced the 2012 executive team, launched the new artmattersfestival.org website and reminisced on the festival's past with a selection of print publications from the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 editions of the festival. The Info Party is a festival tradition aimed at reaching out to members of the community, potential artists, curators and volunteers. Chats and drinks were had, connections were made and ideas were shared to the tunes of local bands UN, Mozart's Sister, The Breezes, Gold Zebra and the VJing magic of Visual Coordinator, Patryk Stasieczek.

Curator Workshop / Atelier pour les commissaires

Gallerie VAV Gallery
Jan. 8 2012

Alannah Clamp
Marie-Josée Parent
Amber Berson
Matt Goerzen
Allison Smith
Courtenay Mayes
Emma Siemens
Eli Kerr

A curator workshop was planned in order to offer a diverse range of perspectives on the process and methodologies of curating, drawing attention to a curator's ability to experiment, take risks, and push the envelope in the creation of an art exhibition. Topics of discussion included research questions, online curating, alternative venues, difficult how-tos, and technical requirements for installation.

In Our Time (Nuit Blanche)

Blue Cat Boxing Club
Feb 25 fév 2012
24:00 – 03:00

For the 6th consecutive year, Art Matters hosts an event within the Nuit Blanche framework. In Our Time is hosted in a boxing studio with live literary, dance, musical, and action based performances. The performance questions the role of audience, the function of social space, and how different audiences and performances can merge, interact, and co-exist in such spaces. Further the event seeks to examine the distance between the low-fi and the high-fi, the new and the old, the art spectator and the sport spectator, and the match and the performance.

Linnea Gwiazda
Carolann Shea
Felipo Dickinson
Steph Colbourn
Shanan Kinsella
Keith Odell
Jamie Woollard
Jen Cressey
Maxine Segalowitz
Todd Macdonald
Levana Prud'homme
Michaela Gerussi
Alexandra Shapiro
Anthony Kennedy
Zachary Sokoloff
Jean-Daniel Papillon
Samuel Rosenberg
Craig Spence
Matthew Kolaitis
Greg Selinger
Devon Mckellar
Jamie Ross
Vincent Chevalier
Florence Vallières
Taylor Cada

Opening Party / Fête de Commencement

Fonderie Darling Foundry
March 2 mars 2012

Da Pink Noise
Doom Squad
Mekele Nocturne
Courtenay Mayes

A line up of local bands, Da Pink Noise, Doom Squad and Mekele Nocturne are headlined by SUUNS to kick off the Art Matters festival at the Darling Foundry. We provide video projections and art installations, you provide the dancing. Surprises are in store.

Art of Survival: Speaker Series / Série de lectures

Gallerie VAV Gallery
March 4 mars 2012

Coco Riot
Lillian Brad butcher gallery in Toronto
Speedshow person skype in
Chantal Doyle tiny art gallery in the middle
of the desert (American SW)
Paper Mill artisan Dave Carruthers St.Armand Papers
Retired female dancer ->

Our Art of Survival speaker series, organized in conjunction with the Fine Arts Reading Room, articule and Coatcheck, brings together people from different backgrounds and stages in their careers who are negotiating artistic careers in alternative ways. Our speakers examine ways to facilitate and promote artistic production in Montreal, abroad, on a budget, on the internet, in your home, in the middle of the desert, ... The panel brings to attention the possibility of a career in the arts operating between and on the outskirts of conventional art world models, and traditional notions of time, space, place and person. These perpectives defy the prescriptive myth of the “art star” and offers realistic, inspiring information to Concordia students.

The Art of Survival: Resource Guide / Guide de ressources

online forum @ artmattersfestival.org
Feb 25 fév - March 16 mars 2012

"For you, by you. (Please post respectfully)"

Through an online forum hosted on our website, we hope to use open source, community generated content to produce a zine that compiles artist “survival” tips neatly into The Art of Survival Resource Guide to be published in April 2012. The forum will be open from February 2 to March 16, 2012. We want to see you sharing tips, anecdotes, web pages, local institutions that will help other Montrealers make things, find support, eat cheaply etc… and overall better negotiate a life of artful making/thinking/living here in Montréal. Some examples of things to share: cheap framing options - woodworking workshops - community spaces - public studio space - your favourite printing facilities - where to get materials - where to eat for cheap/free - where to get support/advice - where to find entertainment - where to play music - grant tips - artist run centers - video-editing labs/facilities - rehearsal spaces - materials sourcing Let your voice be heard! Artmattersfestival.org


Gallerie VAV Gallery
March 5 - 16 mars 2012
Finissage: March 15 mars 2012

Jesse Cumming
Claire Forsyth
Emma Siemens
Jessica Monuk
Courtenay Mayes
Jonathan Woods
Andrea deBruijn
Florence Boivin
Laurence Poirier
Laura Hudspith

In an effort to strengthen the bonds between various organizations of the Concordia Fine Arts community, the co-juried show brings together Art Matters, the Fine Arts Student Alliance, the Fine Arts Reading Room and the VAV gallery in the curation of a co-juried show with artists selected from Art Matters' regular pool of applicants.

Open House Weekend 2012 : 1st edition

At all our galleries / Tous les lieux
Throughout the city / Partout!
March 9 - 11 mars 2012

Art Matters 2012 features an Open House Weekend for the first time in the festival's history. From March 10 to 11 our inquisitive curators will be hosting special events and artist talks in their galleries to deepen the exploration of their themes. Surprise community-based artistic events and collaborations are also on the schedule, for the most up to date Open House event listings please visit artmattersfestival.org.
Take this opportunity to come out to meet and discuss with the people behind the festival and see several shows in a row! The weekend is kicked off with a series of happenings in Saint-Henri on March 9. March 10 focuses on events in Saint-Henri and the Downtown area and March 11 moves to the Plateau, Mile End and Villeray areas. Art Matters' Open House welcomes everyone, from art historians to creativity-loving neophytes; bring your friends, your family, and your pets for an art-full weekend!

Everything You See is Real

Eastern Bloc
March 6 - 15 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 8 mars 2012

Curators / Commissaires:
America Blasco & Victoria Carrasco

Samantha Garritano
Phoebe Heintzman Hope
Roxanne Lemieux
Mat O'Hara
Ariane Paradis
Véronique Tremblay
Léa Trudel
Anthony Wilson

Mythos: Everything you see is real Contemporary art is the evolution of a new language. The birth of a second and it’s dead. The artist is a mythological symbol that lives within their artworks and disappears forever in popular culture. We are living in an era where everyday is popular, the ephemerality of art in space and time continues to be challenged and redefined. How can we facilitate ways of establishing and redefining a new vision and connection with a contemporary mythology? How are we implicated in this new language? Is there still a gender in art, a sexuality? How do these relationships relate to space, time and gesture? Reality is seen through everyday life, human beings carry with them a mythology through their personality and aura. The sacred is revealed through their persona and their expression. 8 artists + New media = A celebration of sarcasm, sexuality, identity and light.

The Unending Silence of Space

March 6 – 15 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 6 mars 2012
Eastern Bloc

Curator / Commissaire: Jessica Fahey

Janick Burn
Simon Grenier-Poirier
Ralitsa Doncheva

When a singular element is taken out of it’s most present context, there are different intrinsic aspects that become illuminated. That is often times what we need to do to silence the noise of our minds and return to the Void. The Unending Silence of Space considers the idea that nature’s forces and human rituals are not always defined by the absence of the other’s influence, yet in the absence of all other influence, repetition and rhythm can be separated from the present moment and abstracted to a point where the viewer can observe the singular elements. Using silence and darkness to help still the mind, the viewer is ready to experience the unconstrained energy that guides and sways us as it is explored in the video works of JAnick Burn, Ralitsa Doncheva and Simon Grenier-Poirier.

Artist as Shaman: Transformation

March 6 - 15 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 6 mars 2012
Eastern Bloc

Curator / Commissaire: Christine Bellerose

Laurence Dupuis
Gregory Selinger aka Krypto
Footnotes Theatre Collective - Hannah Morrow and Heather Caplap
Lindy Wilkins, Ben Stewart Smith
Jen Cressey & Mehrnaz Mohammadi
Doom Squad
Glad Collective - Jeanne Dagenais-Lespérance, Luisa Muhr, Heather Caplap, Tara Miller, Erin Hill, Joy Ross-Jones
Sophie Mercedes Genest & Karine Tanguay
Gélymar Sanchez
Stephanie Creaghan
Peter Shaw
Robyn Crouch
Patrick McDowall
Rae-Anna Maitland

Since before entering Concordia University as a Theatre and Development student, Bellerose has produced unique collective works bringing multidisciplinary artists and non-artists community together. In Artist as Shaman: Transformation, Bellerose has designed an exhibit exploring time-based art through old and new technologies. This multidisciplinary exhibit is arranged in three consecutive phases, (1) “Preparation for Transformation”, (2) “Transformation” and (3) “Rebirth & Celebration”. It regroups 27 artists from Concordia University, presenting 8 art installations, and 8 art performances. Spectators are invited to go beyond the gaze, and to seek an immersive experience towards a liminal journey. Artist as Shaman: Transformation in its curatorial framing reflects upon the rituals of transformation, and questions humans’ conditioning for the immutable, and their quest for change. Come and ÔM your self.

My Pregnant Pre-Teen Birthday Vacation with Dad

Les Territoires
March 7 – 11 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 7 mars 2012

Curator / Commissaire:
Nafisa Kaptownwala

Theresa Passarello
Elizabeth McKenzie
Julian Stamboulieh
Talula C.
Spencer Gilley & Andrew Hovi
Olivier Gariépy
Renée Gagné
Rachel Woroner

My Pregnant Pre-Teen Birthday Vacation with Dad is a show exhibiting works embodying a specific moment, memory, or relationship. The works seek to suspend moments in time through visual representation. Each work uncovers the feelings, images, and occurrences during pivotal episodes of upbringing. Nine artists contributed mementos, which act as portals into the personal accounts of the artists' recollection. These works pay homage to youth and growing up, while provoking a desire of longing for the past or preserving what once was. The past is shown as an indicator of transitioning out of an age bracket into a new one; young artists representing the self that was once even younger and using art as a medium to share the individuals' experience with coming of age. My Pregnant Pre-Teen Birthday Vacation with Dad shows that the time between the past and the present deteriorates or alters the memory. What was once serious is now funny/comfortable is now beautiful/momentous is now trivial.


Gallerie AB Gallery
March 2 – 16 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 7 mars 2012

Curator / Commissaire:
Clinton Glenn

Caleb Feigin
Peter Bleumortier
Kyle Goforth & Gaia Orain
Jeffrey Torgerson
Frances Enyedy
Nicole Pearson

The thematic context to Citation pulls from Jacques Derrida's concept of iteration and Judith Butler's theory of performativity. Each work deals with various issues surrounding gender, sexuality, the body, and the way identity is perceived by the viewer. Linking the pieces together, this exhibition asks the question of how one can look at the body, be in through a straightforward depiction of the physical aspects of the corporeal self or abstract interactions of artist and medium. I have selected a variety of different mediums with which to illustrate how conceptions of gender and sexuality are fraught with the complications of the visual aspects of identification.


March 2 – 16 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 8 mars 2012

Commissaire / Curator: Levi Bruce

Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik
Jean-Marc Perrin
Sabrina Dufour
Élyse Brodeur-Magna
Fabien Marcil

Surveying Space is an exhibition that looks at the perception of space through exploration and investigation. Space is defined as a continuous expanse that is unoccupied, until activated by an object or being. Through the direct investigation or the use of objects as exploratory devices, the viewer is able to question how they perceive and interact with space. Artists in this exhibition, through various methods, explore what meanings, perceptions, and interactions can be brought to the viewer through the use of space and objects in space. Exploring space challenges the viewers unconscious perception, through the manipulation or representation of space by the artist, the viewer begins to explore the meanings that surround space. Artists in this exhibit invite viewers to explore the discourse surrounding their interaction and relationships with space.

Subject To Change

Espace Projet
353 Villeray
March 3 – 14 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 8 mars 2012

Curators / Commissaires: Eli Kerr & Christopher Spears

Jérémie Albert
Jesse Mykolyn
Laura Sirois
Bo Jovanovic
Kevyn Durocher
Ingrid Tremblay
Julian Garcia
Kevin Leung
Sébastien Kaufmann

‘Subject to change’ means that an established principal is potentially temporary or uncertain. This can be reinterpreted by approaching a subject that is constantly changing; in that ‘to change’ is an action taken towards the subject. The works in this exhibition spans over a diversity of mediums. Painting, sculpture, design, performance and video form a semblance exploring the changing nature of these disciplines. Sculpture serves as a subject for painting, while sculpture is derived from a study on drawing; design becomes performative while video explores the designed object. The cross-referential nature of these works speak to the changing contexts explored in this exhibition, while the geometric value of line provides an aesthetic framework for this investigation.

The Poupart Gallery

5180 Notre-Dame W.
March 9 – 12 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 9 mars 2012

Curator / Commissaire: Lianne Zannier

Han Han Li
Lori Malépart-Traversy
Amélie Bissonnette
Linh Phuong Tran
Tyler Nicolson
Noémie Jaarsma
Hugo Dufour Bouchard
Kamil Chajder
Emma Michelle Owen

The title of this show: The Poupart Gallery, comes from the French world for doll, poupée but it also carries with it a sense of whimsy and playful sarcasm. The Poupart Gallery is a miniature gallery that can go anywhere and be anything. It is a blank slate ready for manipulations, renovations and innovative approaches to presenting and making work. This is a gallery that asks one to rethink the conventions of typical viewing spaces and understandings of scale. The show is made up of animations and miniature installations, all of which explore the idea of making worlds, the fantastical and the strange. The artists whose works have been selected exemplify the power of the miniature both in its ability to render ourselves out of place and flirt with nostalgia and play.

Three Times
(3 X 7 X 52 X y)

5180 Notre-Dame W.
March 9 – 11 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 9 mars 2012

Curator / Commissaire: Zoë Wonfor

Marie-Eve Joseph
Catherine Lisi-Daoust
Laura Sirois
Rebecca St John
Lauren Wonfor
Mitch Dixon

"Please come in there is free food on the table and art about food on the walls"

Block Party

Mile End / Phonopolis / Local 23/General 54 / Café Social / Café Dépanneur / Mile End Library / Northeast corner of Bernard/St Laurent / Northwest corner of Parc/Van Horne
March 9 – 16 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 8 mars 2012

Curator / Commissaire: Aditi Ohri

Anthony Sauve
Basia Wyszynski
Thomas Bouquin
Erik Naumann
Trevor Wheatley
Sandra Chirico
Emma Lightstone
Tiffany Blaise
Julia Wolfe
Alexandru Petrosan
Jessica Slipp
Dan Vogt
Craig Spence

Block Party is one part meditation, one part exploration, and two parts celebration. It is an art show that invites every inhabitant and visitor of Mile End to blur the lines between public space, art objects, and banal consumption. How can we visually represent the beauty of an aging building’s façade or attach a currency to the picturesque quality of a sun-kissed alleyway? What is the difference between a splendidly painted canvas and an eye-catching window display? How do we buy our identities and consume our neighbourhoods? Block Party examines how our individual consumer choices and relative purchasing powers affect the processes of urban renewal, gentrification, and decay. 13 artists present works that explore notions of urban space, personal identity, consumer culture and relational aesthetic in a show that crawls across the public and retail spaces of a uniquely textured neighbourhood. All artworks are for sale.

From That Time

Studio 303
372 Ste-Catherine W. #303
March 10 mars 2012: 19:30
March 11 mars 2012: 16:00

Curator / Commissaire: Linnea Gwiazda & Carolann Shea

Chloé Bourdages-Roy
Dylan DiCicco
Michaela Gerussi
Bridget Jessome
Keivan Khademi Shamami
Anna Labarias
Faustine Lasnier
Amélie Lemay-Choquette
Isabelle Massey
Anna Mayberry, Justin Friesen & Jared Goldman
Brent Morley Smith
Sarah Ève Tousignant
Tracy Valcarcel

We are essentially the product of past experiences and moments. Our lives and actions within them are a direct reaction to accumulated events and resulted ways of envisioning the world. From That Time creates a dynamic and mobile environment of a vast array of art works and media that explore the individual fragments of the self. In a conversation between performance, sculpture, installation, video, photography and painting, each piece generates an individual atmosphere and contributes to the collective ambiance. With performance being incorporated into this richly diverse art space, the environment constantly transforms through the duration of the show. Each piece adds to the next, creating a whole experience, made up of unique, personalized sections. From That Time acts to illustrate the many significant aspects of a life that lie under the surface of each personality and the many outlets within which these components can be explored and perceived.


Gallerie VAV Gallery
March 5 - 16 mars 2012

Curators / Commissaires:
Art Matters 2012
Fine Arts Students Alliance
Fine Arts Reading Room
VAV gallery

Jessica Monuk
Courtenay Mayes
Jonathan Woods
Andrea deBruijn
Florence Boivin
Laurence Poirier
Laura Hudspith

In an effort to strengthen the bonds between various organizations of the Concordia Fine Arts community, the co-juried show brings together Art Matters, the Fine Arts Student Alliance, the Fine Arts Reading Room and the VAV gallery in the curation of a co-juried show with artists selected from Art Matters' regular pool of applicants.


Studio Béluga
160 Saint Viateur E. #508A
March 4 - 18 mars 2012
Vernissage: March 14 mars 2012

Curator / Commissaire: Florence Vallières

Kelsey Wilson
Steffie Bélanger
Janna Maria Vallee
Marie-Pier Malouin
Jodi Sharp
Dana Neilson
Melodie Reay
Stéphanie St-Jean Aubre
Sean Broadhurst
Bachar Bachara
Laura Acevedo

In visual arts, where has the body gone? Is it still merely depicted, or has it grown to embrace the space and mindset of creation? How does one explore weight without leaning too heavily towards the literal? Does weight merely evoke bodies or can it be tied to more metaphysical musings -- the weight of the past, for instance, the processes of memory and reflection, the anchor of subjectivity? While WEIGHS does not look for answers outright, its presents the visitor with an array of works that address these musings in varying ways. The gravity and imbalance, the posture, presence or disembodiment of the artworks ground the notion that the divide between mind and flesh is a line to be crossed. Bodies piggyback thoughts; they share weight.