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CRAIG DESSON & EMILY PEARLMAN -- Executive Producers / Producteur executif
AARON REUME -- Director of Human Resources / Directeur de ressources humaine
MELISSA GRUBER -- Internal Communications Coordinator / Responsable de communication interne
ILONA DOUGHERTY -- Publicity Director / Directeur de la publicité
ALLISON TRUMBLE -- Special Events Coordinator / Coordonnateur d'évéments spéciaux
WILL ALPERIN -- Technical Director / Directeur technique
ARIANNE SHAFFER & EMILY HERMANT -- Community Outreach / Contact communautaire
JACINTHE BEAULIEU -- Program Design / Désign de programme
NEALE MCDAVITT VAN FLEET -- Web Design / Site web
KAJIN GOH, KYLE STANFIELD, MICHAEL MINFIE, ROB BUCCI -- Posters & Additional Design Work / Affiches & désign misc.
ANDREA FLORIAL, JACINTHE BEAULIEU, ANDRE 3000 -- Translation / Traduction





Opening Party / Fête de commencement

Gallerie VAV Gallery
Marth 7 mars 2003

“Reverie Liquide helps kick off the festival with trippy video installation (wicked isuals and atmospheres…) and Psycho-tonic musical performances (Rythmus Electronics, Sonic Mindscapes, and live intrumentation…). Followed by a groovy after party driven by SPinning DJ Mat Legrind. Cheap Beer, and tin foil and duct tape for everyone. Co-sponsored by The Void.

Teach - Ins in the Mezz
March 10 - 14 mars 2003

Sew - In in the Mezz
March 11 mars 2003

Party at the World Beat Centre

March 16 mars 2003
1234 De La Montagne

“Ecclesia is an iconographic experience of multi-sensory natural technology: 1 painting - design installation, - fashion 2 soundscape performance - live music - visual projection. Live soudscape by B. Carriere, followed by music from the band Laboratory with animated video projection.

Perspectives Matter

March 17 - 21 mars 2003
Webster Atrium

"Come and add your thoughts to our photo dialogue.”

When You Least Expect it

All festival, all around campus
La durée de la festival, autour du campus

Alli Blakely -- “Electroclash Cabaret
Elizabeth Emberely and Ben Read -- “ZenBen and the Lezbians”

Art Matters 2003 Speakers Series / Série de lectures

Sylvia Wilson and Steven Clark
March 3 mars 2003

“Sylvia Wilson and Steven Clark, producer and co-writer/director of the recent independant film hit “Looking for Leonard” and Concordia Fine Arts grads, speak about their process and how to get your own independant film made.”

Genesis P. Orrige
March 4 mars 2003

“For over three decades Genesis P-Orrige has interfere with the normal course of pop culture, spiritualism, majic, and sexuality. For their first art exhibition in Montreal, Genesis P-Orrige presents a small retrospective of first project Coum Transmissions as well as a two-part performace involving selected members of the public.”

Christine Davis
March 5 mars 2003

Davis is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto. She has exhibited widely across Canada and throughout the world since the mid 1980’s. In this slide talk, Davis discusses her previous works and the research and methods that led her to create a new installatio: Tlon, or how I held my hand in a vast methodical fragment of an unknown planet’s entire history.

Alli Star - Performing Politics
March 6 mars 2003

Alli Star is the founder of Cultural Links in San Francisco and the co-founder of the Art and Revolution, a multi-city movement of activist-artists who have revitalized politicAL ACTION Throughout the UNited States. Ms. Star’s work as the coordinatopr of the NO WTO Road SHow, the Power to the People Democracy Action Tour, and the Another World is Possibnle Southwest Roadshow as well as her involvement as a coreographer and performer with San Francisco based Dancers without Borders has given her an inside perspective on the interrelation ship betwen art and activism. Ms Star’s work also includes coordinating opening performances for Michael Franti and Spearhead’s Stay Human Tour in February 2000.

Making Dance that Matters: Dance-Theatre for Activists
March 8 mars 2003

Alli Star leads a workshop on body-based theatre groups for the streets or the theatre, tools for collective choreography and developing original material with groups.

Reverie Liquide

Gallerie VAV Gallery
March 9 mars 2003

Louis Plourde
Adrew Watson
Felix Lachance
Angela Paez Ruiz
Francois Carignan
DJ Mat Legrind


Le Bonkif
March 7 - 14 mars 2003

Benjamin Rodger
Natalie Reis
Arianna Garcia-Fialquis

“A collective exhibition pf fogurative paintings. The artists canvass public and private realsm of the human body, while further drawing on issues regarding gender and representation. The art works explore issues of covert intimacy and bodily experience, and how these concepts disrupt personal and shared space on physical and metaphysical levels.”

Hard Balls, Tight Boxes, and Lots of Time / A Connection / The Vigil / Insert

March 7 - 13 mars 2003
Studio 307

“Hard Balls, Tight Boxes, and Lots of Time”
“A Connection” -- Aaron Reaume
“The Vigil” -- Stephen Helsing and Marcelo Coehlo
“Insert” -- Tiffiny Main

Photographies Irrealiste / Light and Contrast / Treegirl

March 7 - 21 mars 2003

“Photographies Irrialiste” -- Zoe Letendre
“Light and Contrast” -- Allen McEachren
“Treegirl” -- Jessie Kotler

Exposition // HIVE // Exhibition

March 7 - 21 mars 2003

“Color Creation” -- Painting and Drawing Association
“Pope” -- Kajin Goh
“a b s e n c e” -- Melissa Faguy
“Windwriting” -- Chantal Picard
“Ceramic Environments” -- Shawn Mackniak
“5 Melancholy Monstrosities” -- Stephen Allin


March 7 - 14 mars 2003

Roxy Massey
Tariza Bowyer
Ali Shaker
Jean-Yves Hamel

Fragments is a collective exhibition of black and white photography and abstract painting. These works are meditative, in that they question how our shared experiences are reflective of our changing world. By concurrently fusing abstraction and representation, as well as social and political concerns, the artists present us with an array of challenging art works.

Visual Art, Net Art, Books

Biblio. Webster Library
March 7 - 21 mars 2003

“The Weapons of Choice: An Ode to the Art of Living Dangerously” -- David Mitchell
“Fabrication” -- Jen Anisef, Karissa Cove, Jenny Lee Craig, Serene Daoud, Amy Drover, KArine Fournier, Kimberly Fuller, Alanna Lynch, Jim Morris, Dana DeKuyper, Alex Megelas, Danielle Anisef
“http://randomize.concordia.ca” -- Marcelo Coelho and Steven Helsing

Exposition // J.A. Deseve // Exhibition

Théâtre J.A. Deseve Theatre
March 8 mars 2003

“Les Angles Morts” -- Myles Broscoe, Kyle Fostner, Owain Lawson, Brendan Reed
“Finally, the Western” -- Amy Schwartz
“Autumn Leaves” -- Jean-Francois Mean
“Hello Princess” -- Isabelle Lemaire
“Miraslava” -- Roberto Santaguida
“Suicide by Potato Gun” -- Roberto Santaguida
“Joshua’s Garden” -- Anna Fahr

Takemitsu’s Day Off

Le Bonkif
March 8 mars 2003

Kelly Best, voice
Jason Corbett, guitar
Wes Hatch, bass

Sacred Space

VA Lobby
March 7 - 15 mars 2003

Elizabeth Hazell -- "Sacred Space"

Sacred Space is an exploration of color, patern, and symmetry through the ancient medium of textiles. These tapestries are based on the sacred mandala principle and exemplify the interdependant nature of existence.

Hammer of the Gods

Le Bonkif
March 10 & 11 mars 2003

Written and produced by Larry R Lamont
Directed by Geoff Appelbaum
Designed by Jessica Chang
Starring Paul Johnston, Christine Gwahi, David Pyler, Chris Hayes, Bjanka Murgel, Nick Brazao, Alison Chisholm

Hammer of the Gods is a comic adaption of a selection of stories found in Viking Mythology. The action takes place in the world of Scandinavian Myth and features all the funniest characters from Norse Mythology.

Drawing the Line: Visual Arts

Hall Mezzanine
March 10 - 14 mars 2003

“We Are Everywhere” -- Suzanna Smith
“Philomel” Allysha Larsen
“Bigger is Better - Make it Bigger” -- Allison Moore
“Picket Fence Buffer” Emily Stoney

Olives & Tomatoes

March 10 - 14 mars 2003

CLAUDE FORTIN -- "Olives & Tomatoes"

Playback Theatre

L'édifice Hall Building
March 11 mars 2003

“Playback Theatre” - David Jurasek

“An original form of improvisational theatre in which audience members (voluntarily) tell stories from their lives and then watch them enacted on the spot. The dynamics is one of collective discovery and exploration. The goals of performance are to be authentic, insigtful, and moving. Established years ago, our troupe is diverse in race, age, sex, and background. We are students, professors, actors, dancers, artists, and creative art therapists.”

Gail Scott’s Prose Class Presents:
A Showcase of Stirring Images in the Written Word

Théâtre J.A. Deseve Theatre
March 14 mars 2003

Lauren Gould
Myra Shuster
Ben Lancaster
Adair MacGregor
April Ford
Perrin Martin
Lisa Sookraj
Lauren Maclean
Kevin D’Abramo
Taila Weisz

“Experience a sensory journey through sound as you are drawn into the world of some of Concordia’s most talented writers from the undergraduate Creative Writing Program. Be taken through the woods, down the streetm and into the neighbourhood bar through motivated, challening, and tension filled writing.


World Beat Centre
March 16 mars 2003

Jason Wasserman and Krista Bursey, Elsianne Caplette, Stephane Sotto, Joe Paceco and DJ B. Carriere.

“Ecclesia is an iconographic experience of multi-sensory natural technology: 1 Painting - design installation - fashion 2 soundscape performance - live music - visual projection. Live soundscapes by B. Carriere, followoed by music from the band Laboratory with animated video projection.

“You Are Here / Dei Terreni / La Mur et la Porte”

Studio 303
March 14 - 16 mars 2003

“You are Here” -- Valeruie Buddle, Annabelle D’Artois & Lael Stelick, Sylvain Leclerc, Teoma Naccarato & Kaitlin Clipsham, Timothy Rodrigues

“Dei Terreni” -- Namchi Bazar, Ali Emadzadeh, Angie Cheng, Julie Anne Cote, Catherine LeBlanc, Melissa Weigel, & Galit Mastai

“La Mur et la Porte” -- Christiane Bourget, Annabelle Savard, Adrew Turner, Rosemary Gagne Kaitlin Clipsham, Sylvain Leclerc, Kristen Parker, Alison Cordner, Dana Michel, Heather Cameron, Marianne Desjardins, Rachel Robertson, Jennifer Annis, Luna Allison, Kristen Holinsky, Katarzyna Ignatowska and more.

Total Design

Le Bonkif
March 14 - 21 mars 2003

“Total Design” -- Design Art Student Association

Total Design dispels the myth that design is purely about use. Design is not about dry unimaginative functionality but is a socially aware, mentally challengin, creative field that consists of 2-d, 3-d and digital artistic talent.

Academia, Art, Self (in other Words, AUTOETHNOGRAPHY)

Co-op Bookstore
March 14 - 21 mars 2003

“Academia, Art, Self (in other Words, AUTOETHNOGRAPHY)” -- Lee Reid

“Continuing my explorations of transgressing the lines that seperate the academic from the artistic and the personal, the multi-screen video/multimedia installation is meant to be a highly individual encounter eith my expressions of these issues. Come and explore.”


March 20 - 23 mars 2003

Natalie Reis
Banjamin Rogers
Arianna Garcia-Fialquis

“A collective exhibition of figurative paintings. The artists canvas public and provate realms of the human body, while further drawing on issues regarding gender and representation. The art works explore issues of covert intimacy and bodily experience, and how these concepts disrupt personal and shared space on physical and metaphysical levels.

Launch Pad

Le Bonkif
March 15 mars 2003

The Specifics - Think Twice, Goldenboy and DJ Goser and Chiggy

“Representing Montreal underground hip hop will be The Specifics Crew. DJ Goser will be cutting up Think Twice beats, while Goldenboy MCs with some ill lyrics. Chiggy, and experence MC and Specifics affiliate will be holding it down with DJ Goser for the rest of the night.”

“Faith and Fate” -- Lynn Janigan

VA Lobby
March 16 - 21 mars 2003

“Faith: ‘belief that is not based on proof’. Fate: ‘ that which is inevitably predetermind; destiny’.”

Corporate Art Week

Gallerie VAV Gallery
March 17 - 21 mars 2003

“A VAV curated show, taking a tongue in cheek approach to contemporary art making practises. Incorporated projects, orwellian visions and limited aesthetics take form in the gallery. Featuring SanFrancisco’s FutureFarmers.”

“Intertwine / Dream Box Machine / Mia Cazbarrero / BreathCarrier/DeathCarrier”

Hall Mezzanine
March 17 - 21 mars 2003

“Intertwine” -- Johanna Autin, Audrey Lavallee, Emilie Caron, Laura Moore, Jessica Tremblay, Emma Curtis, Sarah Earle, Chloe Fortin
“Dream Box Machine” -- Sebastien Gauthier
“Mia Cazbarrero” - Mark Evin
“BreathCarrier/DeathCarrier” -- Erica Shapiro

“Perception / Endangered Species”

March 17 - 21 mars 2003

“Perception” -- Trevor Kiemander
“Endangered Species” -- Kimnven Maciej & Maery Morrison

“Decry Against Dark Arts / The Sickbed”

FC Lobby
March 18 - 20 mars 2003

“Decry Against Dark Arts”
Written and Directed by Simon Reader with Kate Richardson, Alli Blakley, Ben Read, JOhn Stewart, Tyler Shaw, Kerry Thompson, Rob Nowacki and Yoko Ono

“The Sickbed”
Written and directed by Alex Contreras, starring Danny Coleman and Amy Loder

Iranian Students Society

March 20 & 21 mars 2003
Hall Mezzanine

Iranian music, visual art, and a “halt seen” will be displayed all day in celebration of Norouz.

Tricycle / Bullmoose

Le Bonkif
March 20 mars 2003

Sebastian Gauthier, Brendan Reed, Luka Fantagrassi, Oliver Adou, Vahe and Danathe belly dancer.

Jeff Cowan, Seamus Cowan, Eric Lawrence




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