art matters


Art Matters is a non-profit festival that has existed since 2000 in Montreal, Quebec. By now, it's been called the largest student run art festival in North America, and its home is Concordia University.

Art Matters takes place in March. About ten exhibitions curated by students are spread out over three weeks, punctuated by our signature parties and events.

Art Matters is a fee-levy organization. That means a fraction of all students' tuition lets the festival takes place. Art Matters is created by and for undergraduate Concordia University students.

Art Matters gets people together. We encourage students from different artistic practices to exchange ideas.

Art Matters likes new ideas. We promote diverse artistic approaches, processes, and risk-taking.

Art Matters starts dialogue between students and professionals. We provide galleries and venues across the city as platforms to promote artwork, as well as hosting a Speaker Series and workshops.

Art Matters stives to be inclusive. Art Matters encourages accessibility and diversity.

Art Matters makes it known that Art Matters!


If you'd like to get in touch face-to-face, let's set it up at We can be met in the Art Matters Office (VA-038, in the basement of the VA Building on the Sir George Williams campus of Concordia University).

VA-038, Concordia University
1395 René Levesque Blvd. W.
Montréal, QC
+1.514.848.2424 x 5011


Art Matters is a fee-levy organization. In order to opt out, please arrange a drop-in at our office through

Art Matters is funded by fee-levies, student-written grants, and fundraising. For more information about Art Matters' budget or funds, please contact: