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12 February 6:30pm

Scorpion Dagger

Concordia University EV

19 February 6pm to 9pm

Archive Website
Launch Party

Concordia University EV

20 February 8pm

Pre-Opening Party

La Vitrola

3 March 12pm to 6pm

Ice Sculpture Fantasy

FOFA Sculpture Garden

6 March 10pm

Opening Party

Théâtre Plaza




Rumpus Room:
A Night of Play

Coop Les Katacombes

One night exhibition & performance event
Saturday February 28, 9pm—3am

Off Kilter

Espace Fibre

Vernissage: March 10, 6—9pm
Exhibition: March 5—22


Aux Vues

Vernissage: March 11, 6—9pm
Exhibition: March 7—21

(Intimacy) Limits
and Consequences

Galerie Yellow Fish Art

Vernissage: March 12, 6—9pm
Exhibition: March 7—20


Glass Door Gallery

One night exhibition & performance event
Thursday March 12, 5pm


Galerie Espace

Vernissage: March 13, 6—9pm
Exhibition: March 5—16


VAV Gallery

Vernissage: March 17, 6—9pm
Exhibition: March 9—20


Studio XX

Vernissage: March 18, 6—9pm
Exhibition: March 7—21

An Evening
of Alchemy

Loyola Chapel

One night exhibition & performance event
March 19, 6—9pm

The Tall Glass

Perte de Signal

Vernissage: March 20, 5—8pm
Exhibition: March 19—28

There Is Something
About Spaces

Espace Cercle Carré

Vernissage: March 20, 6—9pm
Exhibition: March 8—20

Survival Instinct

Galerie C.O.A.

Vernissage: March 21, 7pm
Exhibition: March 11—25

In 2000, five Concordia Fine Arts students saw the need for their colleagues to have access to opportunities to exhibit their work to their peers and to the public. The result was Art Matters.

Now celebrating its 15th year, Art Matters is a student-run festival that showcases the diversity of Concordia University's artistic community. The festival promotes emerging talent and provides students with professional experience by working alongside cultural institutions, galleries, and artist-run centers in Montreal and beyond. The Art Matters festival has exhibited work produced by Concordia undergraduate students in the fields of dance, video, music, design, creative writing, theatre and the visual arts. Annually occurring in mid-March, Art Matters features two weeks of exhibitions curated by Concordia students in venues throughout the city and hosts many special events such as vernissages, an opening party featuring live performances, and a lecture series of talks and workshops hosted by professional artists.

Art Matters is a festival of fine arts that celebrates and supports the developing talent housed at Concordia University with the aim to provide emerging artists and curators with practical skills and tools to promote their art.

Art Matters is created by the students of Concordia University for the community at large.

Art Matters aims to develop communication between all departments within the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Art Matters welcomes the artistic participation of any undergraduate Concordia University student.

Art Matters respects and promotes innovations and expressions of art in all disciplines.

Art Matters encourages diversity and is open to all art forms in any language.

Art Matters brings the emerging and the established together.

Art Matters is a festival that creates an atmosphere of celebration in artistic expression, exploration and collaboration.

Art Matters’s By-Laws and Policy Handbook can be found at the Fine Arts Reading Room (FARR).

EV 2.785, 1455 de Maisonneuve O.

Where does the funding come from?

Art Matters Festival operates with funding from fee-levies, special project grants, and direct contribution from Concordia University's Faculty of Fine Arts Office of the Dean. The fee-levy is comprised of contributions from the Concordia undergraduate student body in the form of 0.30 cents per Fine Arts course credit and 0.08 cents per all other faculty course credit. Contributing to the Art Matters fee-levy allows students to participate as a coordinator, executive, curator, artist, or member of the Board of Directors.

If you wish to learn more about the Fee-levy groups at Concordia, please visit:

This year Art Matters Festival would like to thank Concordia Council on Student Life, the Fine Arts Student Alliance, and Montréal en Lumière for their support.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Art Matters Festival, a special archive website was commissioned to Intermedia/Cyberarts student Hope Erin Phillips in order to present documentation from all past iterations of the festival and serve as a portal for future festival archiving.

Visit the website here:

Call for volunteers

Art Matters needs you!

Run by undergrads for undergrads, Art Matters hosts several events throughout the year including the upcoming 2015 Art Matters Festival (March 7th-21st). But we couldn’t do it without our volunteers.

Volunteering for Art Matters is a great opportunity to become a part of the Montreal and Concordia art scene (as well as gain access to the festival’s parties and events!).


Edwin Isford

Administrative Coordinator

Claudia Edwards

Exhibitions Coordinator

Laurent Viau-Lapointe

Outreach Coordinator

Trina Daniel

Graphic Designer

Hope Erin Phillips

Archive Website Designer

Stephanie Iacovelli

Web Programmer

Daniel Freder

Technical Director

Christopher Bacon

Technical Director

Milo Reinhardt

Technical Director

Derick Darby

Technical Director

Samuel Hogue

Poster Pal

Lindsey Carter

Copy Editor

Charlotte Forbes


Stéphanie Pineau

Event Photographer

Clara Lacasse

Exhibition Photographer

Emilie Usher

Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Haberl


Ellen Belshaw

Mackenzie Rhyason

Naakita Feldman-Kiss

Laurie-Anne Bergeron

Flora Hammond

Christopher Dake-Outhet

Patrick Evans

Board of Directors


VA-038, Concordia University,

1395 René Levesque Blvd. W.

Montreal, QC

+1.514.848.2424 x. 5011